Literature and context

  • Discuss how authors create characters using language and images (ACELT1581)

Responding to literature

  • Discuss characters and events in a range of literary texts and share personal responses to these texts, making connections with students' own experiences (ACELT1582)
  • Express preferences for specific texts and authors and listen to the opinions of others (ACELT1583)

Examining literature

  • Discuss features of plot, character and setting in different types of literature and explore some features of characters in different texts (ACELT1584)
  • Listen to, recite and perform poems, chants, rhymes and songs, imitating and inventing sound patterns including alliteration and rhyme (ACELT1585)

Creating literature

  • Recreate texts imaginatively using drawing, writing, performance and digital forms of communication (ACELT1586)
  • Innovate on familiar texts by using similar characters, repetitive patterns or vocabulary (ACELT1832)
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